Bike 4T20W40

Bike 4T20W40 provides continuous protection even when the engine is off.


For 4-stroke motorcycles4T20W40 is uniquely formulated with Actibond molecules that cling to engine parts even when the engine is switched off providing continuous protection for your motorcycle engine Industrial Lubricants Suppliers,Manufacturers,Distributors in Delhi.

Feature & Benefits

  • The advanced formulation significantly enhances engine performance and durability, outperforming the conventional monograde engine oils commonly used in garden and allied environments
  • Superior wear protection to critical components
  • Excellent carbon deposit control for performance retention over time
  • Low temperature fluidity for easy start in cold conditions
  • Reduced volatility for low oil consumption


  • API SF
  • SAE Viscosity Grade 30

Retail Pack Sizes


Qty 1L 900ML 800ML 350ML 175ML 40ML
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