Life Line C14 15W40

Life Line CH4 15W40 is an engine oil that maximises engine performance in the latest generation of turbo-charged engines.

Feature & Benefits

Modern engines operate in constantly changing conditions which impact on engine performance. Life Line CH4 15W40 with unique System 5 Technology adapts to these changing conditions to maximise performance in five key areas.

  • Fuel consumption: Fights oil thickening, resulting in better fuel efficiency.
  • Oil consumption: Fights piston deposits, resulting in better oil consumption.
  • Oil drain interval: Fights contaminants, resulting in longer oil drain intervals.
  • Component life: Fights wear and corrosion, enhancing the life of critical components.
  • Power: Fights soot, resulting in improving power all the way through the oil drain.


  • ACEA E5
  • API CH-4
  • CAT ECF-1-a
  • CES - 20.076
  • CES - 20.077
  • Mack EO-M Plus
  • Volvo VDS 2

Retail Pack Sizes


Qty 18+2L 13+2L 9+1L 6.5+1L 5+1L 4.5+.5L 3.5L 1L 500ML
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