Castrol Agri TFD is a superior quality, high performance universal tractor transmission oil (UTTO).


Castrol Agri TFD is recommended for use in most modern industrial and agricultural tractor transmissions,final drives and hydraulic systems, including oil immersed (wet) brakes and power take-offs (PTO).

It is also recommended for use as a hydraulic fluid in Sunstrand Hydrostatic Transmissions and where an

ISO 68 hydraulic fluid is required.



  • Ensures increased gear wear protection because of the selected anti-wear additives used.
  • Reduced brake chatter without compromising the friction retention necessary for brake capacity and PTO clutch performance.
  • Protection of gears and bearings against corrosive attack at both high and low temperatures, due to specialised corrosion inhibitors.
  • Superior detergency and dispersancy ensures that transmission and hydraulic mechanics are kept clean and free to operate efficiently.
  • Selected foam inhibitors ensure rapid collapse of foam and rejection of entrained air.
  • Extended equipment life.
  • Selected oxidation inhibitors ensuring protection against the formation of sludge.
  • Viscosity Index Improvers minimises the effect of temperature on viscosity ensuring full fluid film protection under all temperature conditions.
  • Excellent oxidation stability and lubricity.
  • Contains corrosion, anti-wear and foam inhibitors.

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