SUPER WB GREASE is a high quality, lubricating grease based on an optimised combination of lithium thickener, high viscosity mineral oil and polymer technology.


The combination of high viscosity base oils, polymer and lithium thickener technology make SUPER WB GREASE suitable for use in a wide variety of components including rolling element bearings and chassis points where operating conditions involve slow speeds and the requirement for a  grease offering good film strength and adhesive qualities. SUPER WB GREASE is particularly suitable for use in wheel bearings and slow speed rolling element bearings found on heavy duty mining and construction equipment where peak temperatures do not exceed 120°C.


Lithium thickener technology offers excellent shear stability enabling long service life and relubrication periods.

  • High base oil viscosity enhances lubricant film strength in heavy duty applications protecting components from wear.
  • SUPER WB GREASE provides greater resistance to the effects of severe vibration that can be more prevalent in the target applications.
  • Polymer technology enhances adhesive properties

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